An auspicious end and also a new beginning (as dinner) #2

Food has long played a central role in my familial interactions. Family gatherings have brought us together to confront life's most pressing questions such as the definition of a true hamburger, the age-old question of whether or not beans belong in chili, an elusive family recipes for kolaches or the most recent gains in a pursuit of the perfect Chicago-style deep dish pizza crust. While many debates become heated they seldom result in a definitive answer. As we nestle in, elbow-to-elbow to sup, we immediately set about talking about our next meal before the current dishes have even cleared the table.

That upbringing, combined with baking bread and pastries for Whole Foods before moving over to Beer and Wine Buyer, running a health food company and working in the kitchen at Chicago's a tavola provided an in-depth education in the art of food and drink. Switching over to sitting in front of a computer for hours on end as a designer and developer wasn't an easy shift, but certainly is more lucrative.

With that background, it shouldn't be surprising that there are two things that I really love - cooking and photography. Well, actually there's four: my girlfriend and our dog being the two additions to that list. That and their hungry, emaciated stares as I slave away in front of the stove prod with a certain encouragement. Then, their delighted looks when I do eventually get dinner to the table are almost as rewarding as the act of eating itself.

This project for 2010 is going to involve a much more organized approach to documenting what I cook rather than the haphazard photos I post on Flickr and the illegible scrawl in a Moleskine.  I imagine I'll still keep the Moleskine, but I have noticed that it is rather difficult to share that with family and friends since fax machines apparently don't exist anymore. Enjoy.